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~Turning Back~

They blamed the fall of man on woman,
And an unfortunate present on a troubled past,
If they tried to get water from a dry well,
They'd blame God for not sending rain,

Put a finger through the smoke rings so they don't die virgins,
It's easier to sweep a woman off her feet when she's got weak ankles,
Enduring self-denial just to be good,
I let a dream turn its back on me again,

Blamed for trying after everything fell through,
What I cross  by chance I almost miss by a hair every time,
She has the biggest, brownest, most beautiful eyes,
Turning back and it only cost a few years,

Not a hero,
Consult a good person to know what you should do,
Refused what I thought were burdens,
Now facing them on my knees, begging,

Turning back with the winds of change,
Into the arms of an unforgiving world,
Beyond the heart is a dream I care to recall,
Wistful, delicate, a smile that doesn't fit,

What is worth admitting will be said,
Afraid of loving alone with regret,
Blamed for being afraid,
Turning back to the danger, the embraceable love of my dreams.

Turning Back © NeuroticLust/Amanda P.
An offering. by NeuroticLust
An offering.
From what I could gather, magpies are afraid of new things. Ravens like to play with and share shiny things they find. So I figured the magpie could uncharacteristically offer a shiny gift to the raven as a way of courtship. Representing getting over your fears if it means showing someone you love them.
~A Means To An End~

Eyes searching,
Raised from immaturity by sacrifice,
A yearning desire for what's beyond the body,
Pining for the person within,

Changes coming to life,
Scared lovers made of glass,
Kisses that could mean forever or goodbye,
The heat of touches that could harm or heal,

Curiosity and playing a few notes on heart strings,
A passion that breeds love,
Building what was found in pieces,
Time apart was just killing time,

I lost count of how many times I begged,
And how many times I found him on his knees, in the rain, pleading,
Angels who know how good sin feels,
Looking up to him, looking at me, wanting to stay,

This is what it means to be home,
The children he always wanted but never thought he would have,
Bearing his face and my eyes, his hair and my height,
Everything lost and put back together, finally strong,

We left them with a wealth of love and knowingness,
When the world is nowhere to be found, never erase yourselves in defeat,
Leave everything behind if you change your mind,
My legacy is our greatest blessing, the beauty of their reign.

A Means To An End © NeuroticLust/Amanda P.

I draw a pretty picture in my head,
Of a girl with blonde hair,
And she looks beautiful with her head down,
But when she looks up all you see is emerald green with flecks of gold,

With a flower in her hair, she her smile gets many stares,
In my heart I could see,
That there's a lot of men who'd like to lay her down,
And a lot of women who'd love to taste the tears off her pale cheeks,

She embodies a mess of confusion,
With her little voice, she'd wink when she's coy,
She falls right into caring too much,
When she sobs, I come undone in her story,

I want to be a fly on her wall,
I want to play with her,
Watch her hair bounce along the curve of her neck,
And see her goosebumps from a chilling evening breeze,

When she undresses, nothing could be more perfect,
Seeing the image of her that she can't see,
What she strives for, she has reached,
But she's too afraid to look,

If the walls could talk, they'd tell her to be at ease,
Her existence is beauty beyond what the eyes can see,
Every part of her is miraculous,
The fly on the wall shall watch her and hope that she one day believes it.

Bunny © NeuroticLust/Amanda P.
~The Deliverer~

Evil knows not true beauty until it intruded upon you,
Tear you apart and spit on you, too,
Broken before my eyes, into eternity suffer me,
Can't slumber into forever until we are free,

Reaching back into the world, dazed,
Breathing revenge into my hungry lungs, the crow's eyes, crazed,
The hand of justice could make monsters feel small,
Beating away at flesh, terror, and withdrawal,

Feelings and memories awaken the fear in boogeymen,
Whispering fearful prayers and an amen,
Cowards keep their faces hidden,
Restless angels worshiping the deliverer who has risen,

Brighter than the sun, her glory, shining,
That which is of the crow's divining,
Love and fire in me will do their part,
To quell the sadness and pain in my heart,

Sins of innocence,
Destroyed by insolence,
In death she turns in worry,
Stalking easy prey, I hurry,

Unaware of the foreboding omen,
I quench my thirst for the blood of the showmen,
My soul hurts for you even in death,
Rightfully, within each other's arms we share our final breath.

The Deliverer © NeuroticLust/Amanda P.
The Deliverer
Based on The Crow, from the perspective of Eric Draven. Leave a :+fav: and a comment if you like, I appreciate all of them.
I am young and life is long.



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Making a connection is important to me but social interaction has always been difficult because of not knowing how people might react to me. Everything that's said to me here is my affirmation and I'm grateful.


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